Saturday, May 31, 2008

Some adorable things

Just looking at this little alphabet print makes me happy! How cute, from petitcollage.

I've mentioned ecojot before, an amazing company in Canada that produces the most interesting and fun line of products. The designer, Carolyn Gavin, was inspired by a child's simplistic drawing style and built on it to make some amazing designs, all done on recycled materials. I'd love to find a local place that sold their products; if any of y'all see one here in MidTN then let me know. Here's a sample from their site, but check it out yourself. It's so cute!

I also ran across this new line of colorful and inspired fabric design. I'll be watching them with eagerness! So much fun stuff coming out of Australia and New Zealand. I think a trip for inspiration is called for. Donations, anyone?

On that same note of super-cool textiles, check out this South African artist's Etsy site. She is huge and on every cool blog these days, featuring her clean, retro line art style. I absolutely love it, and it reminds me of Sharon the Urban Hen!

I majorly overslept this morning, and feel out of it. Coffee time. And apparently Summer has hit with a vengeance: it's not even noon and already 3° over the projected high. And we need to mow!
Happy Saturday!