Monday, June 28, 2010

Collage workshop

Had the enjoyable experience of a collage workshop this weekend with Randal Plowman of A Collage A Day fame (I know I've blogged about my prints of his before), up at Northern Kentucky University. Here's a little sample of some of what we learned. Very fun trip to see someone I've long admired!
I had wanted to attend last year and various things prevented me; we made it happen this time, and all three of us who went are so glad to have had the opportunity. I highly recommend Randal's prints available via his blog; they are affordable gorgeous little gems! Funnily enough, he reminded us in personality and manner of another collage artist who happens to be a friend: Wayne Brezinka. They have totally different styles, but it was interesting that they reminded us of each other. Love Wayne's work, he does a fantastic job. He needs to teach a workshop here in Music City... if it ever happens, I will let you know!

A few of my attempts are below.


kc said...

Love love love it! I knew you'd be good at this. He's WONDERFUL.

brezinka said...

Hey Kristi! Cool stuff . . . sounds like a killer weekend. Thanks for this awesome plug!